Synthetic Sale-Leaseback

Synthetic Sale-Leaseback

Designed to provide clients a guaranteed sale price for their aircraft in advance of any marketing or actual sale, and the convenience of continuous use of their aircraft until they are ready and willing to part with it.

The goal of this structured product, which can be tailored to many needs and circumstances, is to avoid any markdown or dislocation due to timing pressures.

As an additional benefit, RJP absorbs all transaction costs with respect to both the synthetic sale-leaseback and the marketing and actual sale of the aircraft.

Transaction Services

We negotiate, document and review every phase of whole aircraft and fractional interest purchases, financings and other matters related to ownership and lease of private jets.

We structure ownership and use in compliance with all applicable aviation authority, tax and corporate laws and regulations.

We advise on transactional enhancements and risk mitigation strategies.  

We offer both a flat and an hourly rate fee arrangement for services rendered for the duration of your ownership or lease, and use and enjoyment of your private jet.

Proprietary Data Dashboard

We track historical, current and trending market asset values, demand and supply concentrations, new aircraft orders and deliveries, and a variety of forces influencing values, demand and supply of private jets.

In addition, we monitor borrowing rates, financial covenants, utilization and other metrics associated with financings, and maintain an inventory of historical and current industry deal terms.

Our data analytics enables us to make informed and better decisions with efficiency, and plan and execute strategies with confidence.

Re-Marketing Management

We navigate the challenges and manage the cross-forces common with re-marketing to maximize return and minimize hassle for our clients.

We provide a much needed alternative to standard broker centric re-marketing and sales, and to fee weighted trade-in options offered by OEMs.


“Big law means even bigger bill.” 
- Anonymous. 

We are committed to providing value across the board and, at a minimum, saving our clients more than the cost of our services.

We will identify such savings prior to any engagement.